13. 4. 2024 IDS České Budějovice 

Dexík tř. otevřená V2 Res. CAC. Tentokrát bez fotek.





31 March 3 for puppies 

We are already closing the 7th week of living, it's time for the last visit before they go to their new homes. I'm excited. The ears are notched,

maybe dad sent the paint to the fur :)





Departure to Hungary

My friends and I went to the exhibition in Pecs, Hungary. We took home 1st place and CAC from Saturday's show, from Sunday's

2nd place and Res. CAC. Dexík thus becomes the waiting man of the Hungarian beauty champion.




16/3/2024 NV Špilberka Brno

Today only with Dexík. Class open, 8 dogs. We go to the circle with the wish to get an excellent grade. To my big

to our surprise and great joy, we get the V1 and CAC awards. I was all the more happy that I joined the circle

with Dextrem alone. 





3/3/2024 visit to the puppies 

Our babies are 3 weeks old tomorrow. I was really looking forward to the visit of the first Dextra puppies. They are nice horses.

All puppies are entered.








Ricci will be a dad

At the end of March, we are looking forward to the puppies of Ricci and Berrinka.







We enjoy this.





16/2/2024 MVP Pribina Cup Nitra 

This time without Ricci, only with Dexík. Class open and award V2 Res CAC. We brought home diplomas for accomplishment

championships. For Ricci's Grand CH SK and for Dexík CH SK.





On February 12.2.2024, XNUMX, Dexter became a father

Dexík's first puppies - 5 girls and 1 boy - were born today at CHS Psí poslání. The birth was without complications

and the mother and the puppies are eager for the world.





27/1/2024 MV DUO CACIB Brno

Graph Wilhelm I The Seven, class open - today was not Dexter's day and I resigned.
Dream Max Ricci, class champions, V3.
On Sunday, I went to the exhibition at least to see - for my friends. I didn't report my boys.
On the other hand, I enjoyed a beautiful day with my grandson Ondrášek.



21 January 1 MFA Bratislava

Graf Wilhelm I The Seven - Dexter, class open Exc.1 CAC, Dexík thus completed CH SK, many thanks again for the wonderful performance of Martin.
Dream Max Ricci, cl. champions V3




20 January 1 MFA Bratislava

Graf Wilhelm I The Seven - Dexter, class open, V2 Res. CAC
Dream Max Ricci, class champions, V1 CAC, CACIB. Ricci completed the Grand CH SK.
Big thanks again to Martin for introducing Detro.





19/1/2024 NV Bratislava

Dexter class open V1, unfortunately without a title.
Ricci class winners of V2 res CAC.
Many thanks to Martin Wollmann for demonstrating Dextra.



Dexík will be a father in February



6.1.2024/XNUMX/XNUMX NV Brno

The new year started and how else than with the January national exhibition in Brno. We have already been to the judge and Dexter won with her

regional winner. He entered the circle with Martin in the open class. Her rating really surprised us.

No one expected a grade D.

Ricci entered the winner's class, I showed myself that. We placed 3rd with a nice review.

The icing on the cake was the exhibition of JCH CZ for Dexík :)