10. 12.2022

It's Dexter's birthday, we have only one wish ...... time flies and my Italian boy is already 1 year old.








3/12/2022 NV Brno Jubileejní 30 Brno

Our next exhibition. Young class again, beautiful report and grade V1, CAJC and BOJ. Dexter thus becomes the Czech junior champion in waiting.









25.11.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX MFA Bratislava

We went to Slovakia to test the exhibition. Dexter presented himself in the youth class and in the competition of 3 dogs, we received a beautiful report and a grade

V1 CAJC. Dexter thus becomes the Slovakian junior champion in waiting. 








28.10.2022 Regional exhibition Halloween Kelč

After a long time, I went with Dextrem to the exhibition, this time to the regional one. Dexter was in the junior class for the first time. We entered the competition with 3 dogs. Mrs. Judge Dexter was immediately interested. The performance was not according to my expectations, Dextr's temperament is very difficult to tame. However, we won our class and received a wonderful report - beautiful shapely dog, h.height limit, beautiful head, dark eye, scissor bite, excellent neck, strong back, excellent chest, strong bones, excellent neatness, nice movement, excellent quality fur, huge temperament. I met a lot of acquaintances and friends again. The weather wasn't great, but I still enjoyed it.





6-9.10.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX training stay Pístina ended OVVR

On Thursday 6.10. I went out for the first time only with Dextrem for a training stay, which we wanted to end with taking the dog's high school diploma - OVVR,

organized by VIRIBUS hunting school. Dexter is very handy, just walking is a tough nut for us :) The training took place on Friday

on Saturday the morning, the afternoon was filled with lectures on exhibitions and the health of dogs. Boarding at OVVR on Sunday morning. Totally started 16 dogs, only 1 failed. Dexter worked reliably, he brought a nail, so we didn't even have to fetch it. The dreaded walk came, but here toowe managed without losing the bouquet. We passed the tests with full marks along with 3 other dogs. Since Dexter was the youngest, became the winner of the entire exams. I am very happy. Our friend Afrodita took 2nd place :)





26.9.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX Ricci's post office

Ricci got mail today. I am very proud of this boy.







24-25.9.2022 September XNUMX Moravian Cup

Saturday, KPZ, I prize, 227 points, Sunday KZVP II. price, 148 points.

The tests were very well prepared, the weather was great on Saturday, we were a bit troubled by the vodka on Sunday. Great prizes for everyone involved.







17.-18.9.2022 KZPR Címěř

Dream Max Ricci 1st prize, 420 points, Res.CACT, 4th place overall. Ricci thus fulfilled the last condition for awarding the title of Czech Labor Champion. I am extremely proud of my boy.
I thank husband and wife Hank and Petr Pokorní for the training and valuable advice, thank you to Cocker Spaniel for looking after Aresko and Dex, Peter and Hanca for the photo and company in the group, and Vašek for company throughout the weekend.
Congratulations to all comrades.
10.9.2022 Štenátkovo CHS The Best Friend Bery
I visited the puppies of Ricci and Berynka, litter "B" and petted them. We have 5 girls and 3 boys. They're nice guys. All puppies are already entered.
5.9.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX Today's visit to the puppy kennel Zlatá Balbinka
Visit of puppies Ricci and Berynka litter "B" Zlatá Balbínka. We have 3 girls and 5 boys. All puppies are entered.





September 3-4.9.2022, XNUMX ZČ Derby Kyselka

XIV. West Bohemian Derby, Dream Max Ricci "U" overall 8th place, KPZ XNUMXst prize, KZVP XNUMXst prize. Wonderful exams, after all, like every year, the weather was perfect, the people were great, and the evening sessions with massage and music were also perfect. Thanks, he flies to Coker Spain to Peter for looking after Áresk and Dex.







24.8.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX visit to the Vranov puppy mill

Repeatedly with puppies Ricci and Berča. The babies turned out to be a demolition squad :) All the puppies already have their owners.  










Today my Swedish sweetheart celebrates her beautiful 6th birthday. 






We are looking forward to puppies









25.6.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX MFA Brno Intercanis

We have the Brno exhibition again. I have both boys reported, Ricci and Dex. Dexter is the first to enter the classroom

adolescent. To my unpleasant surprise, the referee only looked at the teeth and it was over. Folder with award N 2

I took over slowly while running before completing the circle. Ricci class honorable, V1, this time the referee even felt us.

A significant change occurred after the break, when the bitches started. The referee not only let them through, but also let them run

individually in a circle. The fact that a total of 77 goldens were judged in a record time of 2 hours, including a break, speaks for itself.




18.6.2022 Club exhibition RK Náměst na Hané

In very warm weather, we went to the club exhibition in Náměště. Judges from Austria judged. Golden

they had as the only roofed circle and the surroundings of the circle were shaded by trees. That was a big plus. Dexter entered the classroom for the first time

juvenile, and in addition to a beautiful and long report, he won the grade VN 1. Ricci in the honorable class again a beautiful long report

and grade V2. This judging was very lengthy, at 12.30 only the dogs were judged, so I decided to

we didn't wait for the final competition with Dex and we went home. The exhibition continued the next day, but we already blew the whistle. It was still

more heat and health is more important. The exhibitions were very nice, it's a shame about the heat.




June and Dalihory

After last year's experience, we again went on vacation to the Giant Mountains to our friend Lucca Kondělková. We enjoyed ourselves

a joint walk and outing,



trips to the surroundings with the children, Aresek no longer participated in these events and rested in the apartment. He also always got his walk.



The nature here is really beautiful.



We also managed the Vrchlab pilgrimage. 




And we look forward to seeing you again next year :)




4.-5.6.2022 Derby CR Nová Včelnice

I am very happy that we could participate in this top event with Ricci. The tests were held in the new hunting area.

On Friday we arrived at the accommodation with Petra Foldová and Darwin - the most worthy dog ​​:) On Saturday morning we boarded

to draw lots and they drew number 16. the forest was waiting for us. As the first discipline, fur coat. On the way back, Ricci walked a short distance

sideways with a turn graded 3. This was followed by a square. I was afraid of that. Beautiful time, both pieces and grade 4. After noon

pause we start fetching in the terrain - relatively high vegetation, beautiful work and grade 4. Free driving in the forest, again grade 4.

Postponement also on the 4th day, we ended the calms at the station - free time, grade 4. I was very satisfied with Ricci's performance.

Of course bread is broken up to the 2nd day during navigations. We sat down with friends for the evening and had a great time. The next day is usually worse.

And he was. In the morning we boarded the navigation - to the pin. I misjudged the situation and succumbed to the previous decisions, so 1.

exchange piece for 1 and thus relegation to III. prices. Second piece for 3. Followed by a plume. I don't understand what Ricci was doing there, but grade 2

she was fair. The last 2 were still waiting for us disciplines. Finding ducks in the reeds. The dog is not in front of us. I got dry in

throat. After a short fumble, Ricci runs into the right place and hands me the duck, grade 4. Navigation on water - Ricci se

understood a he brought the ducks in the right order, grade 4. I am very happy she had the joy of work from the evaluation, everywhere 4 a

mainly bringingalso everywhere for 4. we are waiting for the announcement. We finish in 16th place out of 24 dogs. We've all had enough, the sun didn't spare us.

Congratulation to everyone who came, especially Petra and Darwin, who won for goldens.




7.5.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX KPZ Kyselka

The end of the camp with autumns, like every year. Ricci took a beautiful 5th place out of 24 dogs with 223 points.