5. 12. 2020 kennel from the Wind District

A visit to the puppies from Dream Max Ricci and Angelika from Bertínský dvor. 2 state dogs. Thanks to Janička for the photos. We managed to cuddle and walk. I'm so glad I was able to come see the boys.






4. 12. 2020 The last descendants of Ares

Today the last Áreska puppies from the connection Vega Star Sunshine Mrija and Áres Flores Vitae were born. 5 princesses and 3 princes were born. All puppies are entered.









30. 11. 2020 "F" Nice Friend

Visit to kennel Nice Friend, litter "F" from Kate Diamond the heart and Dream Max Ricci.








18. 11. 2020 trip Radostice

Today we went for a walk with Hanka and Klárka for a walk through the Bobrava valley. Although the sun was shining on the way, there was a lot of mud.










17. 11. 2020 trip Bílovice 

We were very happy to accept the invitation of Hanka and Honza for a joint walk to Bílovice. The weather was nice, we set off in the morning before the others went for walks. We took beautiful photos. Ricci, Ares and Vikinka enjoyed it in their own way and did not forget to roll where they could. Thanks so much kids, it was great.









14. 11. 2020 Hunt Dražovice

Under stricter measures, Ricci and I took part in the hunt in Dražovice. Thank you very much for the invitation. Practice is something else :)







7/11/2020 Vojkovice

Today we went for a walk just outside Rajhrad, in the direction of Vojkovice. There are ponds, reeds, just super terrain. Even on the high calendar date, Ricci took a bath  and chased local ducks. I didn't let him go after the swans. It was beautiful, the sun was shining, what more could you want.









2. 11. 2020 for puppies in kennel Zlatý domov

This time visiting Ricci and Anynka's puppies. We have 5 males and 1 female.








25/10/2020 Vranov 

It's not over to go for a walk with friends






15. 10. 2020 puppies

Today puppies from Dream Max Ricci "U" and Kate Diamond the heart "U" were born - 7 females and 3 males.

The puppies and mother are fine and they are alert to the world.








11. 10. 2020 visit of puppies litter Celestial Staroveský Poklad

Vwe went to the puppies for a real snuggler. We were greeted by beautiful big teddy bears. I am very happy with this litter, they are really good puppies.








3. 10. 2020 IDS České Budějovice

Ricci Dream Max, cl. champions V2 Res.CAC










27 - 28 September 9 KV RK Kelč 

At the last moment I announced this two-day club show, including Áresk :) On Sunday Ricci in cl. honorary award V1, Áres in cl. veterans V1, BOV and Res. BIS veteran show. The judge greatly appreciated his good condition at the age of 11,5. On Monday Ricci cl. champions V3 and Áres cl. veterans again V1. The weather is not much, but a nice meeting with friends and also fun to help out the best breeding group - Famous Gold.









19 - 20 September 9 KVZPR Kyselka

Again at my favorite test place - Kyselka. This time at the club all-round rehearsals. Ricci has had his "U" since last year, but repetition is the mother of wisdom and we really could not miss these trials. We set off on Friday, a long journey. Even so, thanks to the traffic jam near Prague, we missed the draw and Sabinka had to surprise us for us, who drew us a beautiful number 14 in the super group. Saturday morning was very cold, but we're used to it. As always beautiful terrain, except for new colors that none of us knew. The weather is great too. Refreshment to number one. Although we caught 2 in the first discipline - water handling - duck replacement - but still a beautiful result. Overall beautiful 6th place. So again in a year, friends :)








13.9.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX SV SRK Velké Úlany 

On Sunday we went on a trip to Slovakia to the Special Exhibition of the Slovak Agency. Ricci in cl. working received grade V without order and beautiful report. The main reason for our participation was to meet Ricci's descendants. In the open class Aron Zlatý domov with the award V1, CAC and in the heavily occupied class of young Gianna Bella Aurea with the award V4. I was very happy with their success. After the show we went to a great lunch and then hurray home. The only minus of the day was running in veils :(








12.9.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX NV Ostrava - Brno

Dream Max Ricci, cl. winners V 1, CAC, National winner, BOB, BIG 4. Relocated show from April from Ostrava. Circles outside, beautiful weather and great company Blanka and Petra, whom I thank very much for the asylum. 











5.-6.9.2020 North Moravian Derby

Like every year, this year we went to this derby. Unfortunately, we did not succeed here this year. On Saturday at PZ, 2 of us were thrown into the II. prices. Even so, we finished in 5th place.

On Sunday in rainy weather we started by guiding on 2 ducks, but then we caught two 1's and in the end we became fatal marking and we were out. Next year you we need to fix our reputation :)










31.8.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX visit at puppies

Time is running out and our dogs are already 6 weeks old. High time to visit. Dogs from Ricci and Vikinka. After much deliberation, Hanka rejected the new owner for a red dog, who is still free and looking for the best owners.








29.-30.8.2020 KV KCHLS Humpolec 

2 day club show KCHLS in Humpolec. I reported Ricci to the winners class, which was very busy. On Saturday Ricci took 4th place and on Sunday 3rd place. Nice testimonials for both days. Aresek again as an escort. We also met Ricci and Ares' descendants here, who did very well.







26.8.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX Ricci and Amazing Star Staroves treasure

On August 26.8.2020, 5, we welcomed the litter Celestial Staroveský poklad. 3 boys and XNUMX girls were born to the parents of Dream Max Ricci and Amazing Star Staroveský poklad. The puppies are lively and mother Izie managed to give birth to her nickname "Hujerka". In this spirit, he continues to take care of babies. All puppies are entered.










15.-16.8.2020 MSR Karez 

By successfully passing the comprehensive exams in 2019, Ricci and I were nominated for the MSR 2020. 

MSR 2020 Dream Max Ricci ran in III. price in 6th place out of 20 registered. He made me very happy. Thank you for the photos and selection of great accommodation
Hana Smutná a  , as well as for nice company 
Pavel Mišek, 
Lojza Vokurka, 
Renata Vlachova, 
Hana Pokorná andPetr Pokorný. Big congratulations to all who came and winners Hana Rosochová. For babysitting Areska
thanks to Lenička and Kubík.







2.-9.8.2020 camp Kyselka

And here it is, after the covid delay, we've had it. Training camp in Kyselka again. Meeting with friends, staying in nature. We enjoyed the whole week beautifully. Only Ricci went to training,

Aresek made us an honorary escort. Completion of the Autumn Trials. Ricci finished autumn in the 3st prize with three 12. That was enough for 24th place out of XNUMX participants.








29.7.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX visit at puppies

I went to visit puppies with Dream Max Ricci and Una Od Šeřík. The boys are very agile, taking photos was no fun. Salsa's mother is exemplary

old and children thrive beautifully.








27.7.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX Vikinka by mother

Vikinka gave birth to 7 strong dogs. The birth went smoothly and the mother and puppies are doing well. All puppies are already entered.







26.7.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX such a small exercise

We enjoyed the super training this weekend with 3x Hana, Petr and Peter :) It was great for the kids and I'm really looking forward to the next time. Thank you for the lovely photos. 










24.7.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX visit in kennel Love from Feldsberg

Today I went to visit the puppies of Ricci and Salsa. They are beautiful copper, beautifully balanced. Besides the dragon cavalier, they are a bit clumsy :) They have beautiful heads and furry furs. I didn't pick it up a bit and it came in sandals. Next time I have to wear better :) Lado, thank you very much for a beautiful gift. I hope to visit you once more and I'm really looking forward to it.








Today Ricci celebrated his 4th birthday. He's a restless boy, he's still inventing something. We love him very much and wish him well.








4. - 11. 7 2020 holiday

We enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Austria - Kirchberg in Tirol. Although Aresek did not take some hikes with us, he fell in love with walks around the river. With the help of Kubík, Ricci managed the cable car rides and ran countless kilometers with his partner Prtík. The weather was nice. Thank you so much to your daughter Lenka and her husband Kuba for taking us out. It was great.










27.6.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX we have puppies

Today puppies from Mch Dream Max Ricci "U" and Daphne Moravia gold heart were born. We have 7 princes and 5 princesses. All puppies are lively and their mother takes good care of them. The puppies are all already entered.









13.6.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX welcome  

Puppies from Ricci and Una od Šeřík (Salsa) were born on Saturday. We have 4 big boys and 3 beautiful princesses. All puppies are already entered.









KLZ Švábenice 30.5.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX 


Club forest trials Švábenice, Dream Max Ricci I. price, Res. CACT, 4th place overall. The weather was fine, great party, new friends. Many thanks to Peter and Hance for the photos. And thanks to Daddy for babysitting Aresk 










Mountfield Cup 2019

Retriever of the year 2019 - 2nd place (30)

Dual Purpose GR - 1 place (9)

Show dog GR - 5th place (11)

Working dog GR - 4th place (8)









21. - 23.5.2020 Lucka, Doník and Daisy

Lucka and Doník and Daisy came to see our new home. My fears of meeting Don and Vox (a British blue cat) were justified. Donik sucked in air and a sash at the door. But everything turned out well, only Voxík stayed in the bedroom for 2 days :) On Thursday we sat on the terrace and chatted late into the night, rather until the morning. However, we haven't seen each other for 3,5 months :). On Friday morning we went for a walk and took a lot of photos by the beautiful poppy field. The weather was like the weather and the photos were really good.



Nice sitting again in the afternoon and on Saturday morning Lucka was about to leave. It escaped very quickly, Thanks a lot to Luci for the visit and for the beautiful lanterns on the terrace. 









16.5.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX visit to Zarinka

Ivanka and Zarinka came to visit today. Aresek remained guarding the apartment, the walk would be too long for him. We walked down the alley, walked around the river, went to the pond and then back nicely. Zarince and Ricci liked it the most in the river. Many thanks to Ivana for the beautiful photos.







14.4.2020 puppies

In kennel My Angel Tomi she gave birth to puppies - litter K by Ricci. We have 5 girls and 3 boys. Everyone is in good health.





Rajhrad and surroundings - wonderful walks, beautiful landscape. We are happy to be here.






March 26.3.2020, XNUMX celebrates Áresek's birthday

Aresek is celebrating his 11th birthday. Hello, darling.








7. 3. 2020 puppies

Today puppies from the connection of Ricci and Růženka (Rozalie Z Dražovského hájku) were born - even with my participation and help. The birth went smoothly and quickly. We welcomed 8 males and 2 females. Mom and baby are fine. All puppies already have their new owners.








17.2.2020 change of residence 

There was something I would not expect. I liked the apartment outside Brno with a tiny garden and that was it. We are now in Rajhrad and we are fine :)






1 - 2 February 2 DUO CACIB Brno 

And again an exhibition in Brno. Lucinka and Andrejka also arrived with the girls after Ricci and Daisinka. And Hanka and VIkinka could not be missing either.

Saturday - Ricci cl. champions V, girls both stmp N, Vikinka cl. working V2, Res. CAC. But Lucka and Andrejka and I enjoyed our evening the most.

Sunday, Ricci, cl. champions V4, Haley Dream Zlatá Kudrnka VP, Hope Dream Zlatá Kudrnka VP 3, Vikinka cl. working V

Sometimes again, girls 








We walk - Vranov








11 January 1 NV Brno

This year's first show and beautiful results.

Ricci Dream Max, cl. working Excellent 1 CAC