11. 8. 2021 with puppies Ricci and Zarinka

Puppies Nebovida Ricci and Zarinka. Visiting paradise.








28.7.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX visit from Vrchlabí

Nice visit from Vrchlabí - Lucka with Doník and Daisy. We enjoyed the beautiful weather, ponds, walks and prosecco.

It was very nice and I'm looking forward to the next meeting.










27.7.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX for puppies

To jump for Ricci and Růženka's puppies








14/7/2021 Holstein

Trip Holstein. Thank you Zdenka Chytrá for invitation. The boys enjoyed swimming in the pond. Sam grew up to be a beautiful boy, he's all Ricci's dad : )



10. - 11. 7. 2021 South Moravian derby Nové Syrovice

Dream Max Ricci "U"
PZ I. price, Res. CACT
ZVP I. price, CACT
Trials in a beautiful hunt and a super group. Thanks girls Eva Kadrnožková Fabešová, Jan Havelov and Petra with tolerance, it was very nice with you.
Thank you Evička for the photos. Thanks to Kokršpanělská for babysitting Áreska and a chilled bottle of champagne. That stabbed






3. - 4. 7. 2021 Rosenberg Cup 

Top exams, which I always look forward to. This time we booked accommodation well in advance and came from different corners

of our republic on Friday. We prepared carefully in the evening :)

In the morning we got the number 20 and got on the field first and then on the water. Ricci worked with great gusto and day

jwe finished in the very 4th.

The next day a small and large forest awaited us. We earned 2 in the square, when Ricci, regardless of running time, had to go first

pee and then make a laurel : ) it also took away our joy from work. After a beautiful show, we showed a failed color.

Even so, I am very satisfied. We placed in the middle of the starting field of the survivors : ) Congratulations to everyone who ran out.

Especially to our role model and cup winner Peter Vacek. Many thanks for babysitting Areska belongs to Kokršpanělsko : ) thanks for the photo

Hana Smutná a Pavel Simek



26.6.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX CACIB Brno

Dream Max Ricci, cl. champions V3

Where last year's snows are, when I was looking forward to the show. Where is the atmosphere? It will be better? Although few dogs, as well as no judgment

but for the same money :(




20.6.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX trip to Tasovice

Today we went on a trip to our former cottage and its surroundings and visited friends. I was sad about it. Not only is the cottage not

maintained, but also the surrounding forests are there, deserted and dry everywhere. There is a magical place here and there, but it is not enough. On the way home we are

they stopped with the boys by the pond to take a bath, it was really hot.



12.6.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX KLZ Ostrůvek

Alternative term for LZ Švábenice, Dream Max Ricci II. price, 23 points, 9th place. The weather worked out for us and we were very nice with Petra and Darwin :)

Many thanks to Peter in Kokršpanělsko for babysitting Áreska :)




June 2021 holiday Dalihory, Giant Mountains

Holidays with children and hafans in beautiful nature. Accommodation apartment Dalihory near Lucky Kondělková. Aresek enjoyed the shorter one

walks with children and Ricci and beautiful walks with Lucka and Petra. We took several trips - a treetop trail,

cable car trip to Montenegro. It won't be that long in 3 days. Even so, it was great Luci, thanks a lot.




Mountfield Cup 2020

Dream Max Ricci "U"

Dual purpose 1st place for 3 years in a row
Working dog 2nd place
Show dog 5th place
Retriever of the year 4th place
I'm very proud of that boy ????



Camp Kyselka May 2021

And here we are. I enjoyed meeting friends so much, a lot of fun.

Training began on Saturday, and what the hell did Ricci cut open the pad on his paw. He had to stay calm and the training went to enjoy Áresek :)

After two days of rest, Ricci took off his boot and could continue training. We graduated from PZ on Saturday, but Ricci was probably not in his element yet, so you arrived in III. price.

The camp was a success again and we are already looking forward to the next year :)



19.5.2021 and 31.5.2021 kennel The Best Friend Bery

A visit to Ricci and Berynek's puppies, Áresek's grandfather. All puppies are entered. 



12. 4. 2021 kennel Zlatá Balbínka

In the babies of Ricci and Berenik. We have a rich share of 10 puppies. 7 boys and 3 girls. Berenice's mother is busy with them, but she manages everything beautifully and takes good care of the babies. All puppies are entered. 



5. 4. 2021 Easter Monday 

Instead of pomlázka, a beautiful walk with Prtík :)




26. 3. 2021

Aresek is celebrating his birthday and we have only one wish. Lots of greetings darling. 12 is a beautiful age and I believe we will enjoy it here together :)




21. 3. 2021

Time for a photo.


28. 2. 2021 before closing

We managed to have a great walk before the closing. And where? Well, in Vranov :)




27.2.2021 Visit in kennel Z Vrbovskeho dvora (Ricci x Francesca)

A little earlier than I wanted because of the closure of travel between districts. A rich share of this connection. 9 females and 3 males. Puppies everywhere you look. They all already have their owners.




22. 2. 2021 puppies in kennel Belmadyweit

I love litter visits. This time I went for puppies Ricci and Eima in kennel Belmadyweit, husband Vaculík. I was greeted6 robbers - 5 girls and 1 boy. It took them a long time to show off and let me take a few photos in peace. Otherwise they were just smudges :). All puppies have their owners and they will go to new homes.




15.2.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Vranov - we are walking

Since Sofinka was catching up, we have access to the girls in Vranov again :). Today was a beautiful frosty day, the sun was shining, it's a shame not to go for a walk. He's in the woods such peace. The hafani are running around, sniffing everything and being happy. And if you can go for a delicious coffee with something sweet and warm up a bit, what more could you want.

Berinka is a restless girl, she doesn't give Ricci peace for a while, she also tries to talk Areska. Ivo, thanks for the beautiful photos and great walk.






16. 1. 2021 on the way

Today we went to see the last puppies Áreska, all the way to Šumava, to the kennel Horská stráně. The journey was long, frosty, with a twist for a while. But we arrived happily. The puppies are beautiful, Áreska's heads appear again. One female remains in her kennel - Anastazia Stázinka. All puppies already have their owners.



9. 1. 2021

Today we went to practice a little with Hanka and Petr. Ricci worked very well, he missed it as much as I did.



Upon arrival home, we received beautiful news.

In the kennel Z Vrbovského dvora puppies were born from the combination of Franceska Z Karpentné and Dream Max Ricci. We have a big gift :) a total of 12 babies. 9 females and 3 males.

My mother managed the birth without any problems and she takes good care of the children.




3. 1. 2021 puppies

Today puppies from Annie Eima's Canis Regnum and Dream Max Ricci were born. We have 5 females and 1 male. Birth weights of puppies are over 500g. All puppies are already entered.




2. 1. 2021

Family walk with descendants of Áresk and Ricci - Sofinka, Vikinka (Áres) Zarinka, Lucky (Ricci)