10. 12. 2023

Dexter celebrated his 2nd birthday today. Cheers my Italian boy :)





7. 9. and 10. 12. 2023 MVP Nitra

Thursday 7/12/2023 Dexter class open V2 Res. CAC.


Saturday 9/12/2023 Dexter intermediate class V3, Ricci class champions V1 CAC. Ricci loaded Granda SK :)

Sunday 10.12.2023/1/1 Dexter class opened under the guidance of Martin VXNUMX CAC, thereby starting the SK champion. Ricci class champions again ExXNUMX CAC. Problem

it happened during the run for CACIBA when Dexter didn't stop showing with Martin at the same time as me and Ricci in the ring. But it was still great. 






2/12/2023 NV Brno "Christmas" 

After a long time, I also took Ricci to the exhibition. Dexík in intermediate class V2 Res. CAC and Ricci in the V1 CAC winner class




17. 11. 2023

Visiting the puppies - Ricci's grandchildren (Malvínka and Doby)




28 - 29 October 10 Danube CACIB Bratislava

Two-day exhibition in Bratislava. Dexter exhibited in the working class. But luck was not on our side. We are on Saturday

they took a nice 2nd place but no title Res. CAC. On Sunday, I entrusted Dextra to show Ivetka. Good luck to them

it was fitting. Nevertheless, they took 1st place, they did not receive the title from the judge, even though they all received an excellent mark :(

And to make matters worse, after a week I discovered distemper with Dextra. Fortunately, a mild course with plantain syrup

and successful treatment after only 3 days.




5 - 8 October 10 training long weekend Pístina

Thank you Jana Smejkalová for the opportunity to participate. It was very nice and the right group of people. Both Ricci and Dexter enjoyed it.

Big congratulations to Jana Staňková and Sára Staňková for passing Ricci's little girl Faith Corra Gold Angel Torra's high school graduation.






28/9/2023 KPZ Kožušany 

Graf Wilhelm I THe Seven (Dexter) 5th place out of 23 dogs, best golden, 222st prize, XNUMX points.
The tests took place in beautiful weather, nice terrains. I thank the organizers and congratulate all fellow fighters. 
Thanks to Hance and Peter Pokorný for the training.
Thanks to Peter for walking Ricci to Cocker Spaniel.



17 - 18 September 9 Moravian Cup 

Dexík (Graf Wilhelm I The Seven) was placed in a beautiful 7th place. I think it's a nice result in less than 2 years.
On Saturday, we entered the KPZ and finished it in 1st prize with the title CACT, CCT, winner of the exams. I really was
surprised, I did not imagine such a result even in my dreams.
On Sunday, the KZVP took place, which we finished thanks to the limit mark from the duck tracking in the 2nd prize.
Even so, I am very satisfied with Dextra's work.
Congratulations to all participants and survivors. Thanks to the girls Terezka Elblová Burdová and Terka the second for organizing these exams.
I thank Hance and Peter Pokorný for the training.
I also thank Verunca and Peter for walking Ricci.



2. - 3. 9. 2023 ZČ Derby Kyselka 

XV ZČ Derby, a matter of my heart. I am very happy to return to this place, even if the results do not match it : ) : )

This time for the first time with Dextrem (Grat Wilhelm I The Seven). We finished the Derby in 12th place, KPZ and KZVP in the XNUMXnd prize, each time with one

limit mark. But it wouldn't be my little boy not to figure something out. Even so, I was satisfied with his work, at the age of 20 months

that was a decent performance. Lucka Kondělková, who took care of Ricci for me the whole time, kept me in good company she eats a lot

Thank you. I congratulate all the winners, especially Alena Dragounová for the sovereign victory. Thanks to Boženka and Pavlo for these tests

are organizing and hopefully will continue to be. And last but not least, I thank those who dedicate their time to us, Hance and Peter Pokorný.

I thank Karl Boháč for the beautiful photos.



27 August 8 KPZ Blansko

On August 27.8.2023, XNUMX, OMS Blansko and Retriever Club CZ took place in the hunt for the Velké Opatovice World Cup autumn club

exams, in which Dextrem and I also participated. 12 dogs took part in the tests, 5 successfully completed them. We placed 5th in the III. prize.

Unfortunately fatal we had a fetch in the field where Dexter ran out.





19.8.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX for puppies

Visiting the puppies of Ricci and Eba at Vanilla Angel kennel.. One dog is still available




5.8.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX for puppies 

Today's visit to the White Bead kennel with puppies from Dream Max Ricci and Cassy Princes Lady White Bead.

The last dog is waiting for its new owners.



23/7/2023 KVZP Jiříkovice

Beautiful exams under RK. A group nicely mixed from GR, LR and FCR. Dexter finished in 3rd place. Even so, great satisfaction.

Congratulations to all the survivors.




14 - 17 July 7 Vrchlabí

So I was really looking forward to this moment. Hurray towards the Krkonoše Mountains to Vrchlabí behind Lucka. We left on Friday, we chatted

with Lucka almost all night and in the morning hooray for the exhibition, I already mentioned it below. We spent the rest of Saturday, Sunday and Monday

on trips to ponds, to the lookout tower, to the forest, to the Elbe. Those were wonderful moments. Luci, thank you very much for them. 



15.7.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX NV Mladá Boleslav

Dextrem and I took part in this exhibition on our way to see Lucinka in the Giant Mountains. It was incredibly hot. Well, honestly, they could

we forgive her. The judging took place under the baton of Mr. Waiter, who managed the whole process :( Dexter, though, his own class

he won, but received a grade of VD 1. The bright spot was meeting friends.




8.-9.7.2023 Jhm Derby Nové Syrovice

Dextro's first two-day trials.

In very warm weather, Dextrem (Graf Wilhelm I The Seven) and I took part in the South Moravian Derby. Fall exams
and exams from the water works we came in first prize, overall ranking 10 out of 22. I am very satisfied with the work of my Italian
the devil thanks a lotHance and Peter Pokorný for the time they dedicate to us during training.
I thank Hance Smutná for the photo documentation.



Ricci has a birthday

Today is my Swedish boy's birthday. So happy 7 years boy 💕  


1.7.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX for puppies in Goldsweetheartdixie kennel

Litter A - Dream Max Ricci x Dixie Gold Angel Torra

All puppies already have their owners. They are beautiful fur babies cared for by both mom Dixie and breeders,

the Jančov couple.




24.6.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX Intercanis Brno

Dexter - Graf Wilhelm I The Seven, age 18 months. Open class V1 CAC. The boy made me very happy.


20.6.2023 puppies are born

Puppies from the combination of Dream Max Ricci and Cassy Princes Lady Bílý koralek were born in the Bílý koralek kennel.

We have 3 females and 4 males.



17-18.6.2023 June XNUMX KV RK Náměšť na Hané

Dexter (Graf Wilhelm I The Seven) intermediate class
17.6. VD 1
18.6. In 2 Res CAC




7. - 11. 6. 2023 holiday Želiv

It's time for a family vacation :) We spent a few days at a cottage in Želiv. The weather was not so kind to us. Afternoon

it always rained, so walks were limited. Even so, we enjoyed our time together.



5.6.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX for puppies in the Z Dražovské hájk kennel

The puppies have already grown up nicely, so it's time for a visit. I took my dad Ricci and uncle Dextro with me. Ricci again

sabotaged the photo shoot - as always :)




3.6.2023 3rd regional dog show Zbraslav 

We went to a nearby regional exhibition. Dexter in open class V1, Class winner, Regional winner.




20 - 21 May 5 Humpolec

We go to club shows from KCHLS to Humpolka. Dexter in intermediate class, Ricci in honor class. We have already had accommodation in the nearby Dvořák mill since Friday. On Saturday, in very warm weather, Dexter ran a terrific 3rd instead of V3 and Ricci V1. The exhibition is very long, that's why Ricci and I don't wait for the final competitions and leave around 16 pm back to the cabin. On Sunday, Dexter again receives a beautiful report and grade V without ranking, ricci again V1. This time we waited for the shutter, but we didn't score anymore. Congratulations to all the winners. The judges from England were very thorough and nice. Thanks for their invitation.




We have puppies on 19/5/2023

Puppies from the union of Dream Max Ricci and Dixie Gold Angel Torra were born today. We have 4 girls and 5 boys. Some guys are still free.



May 5 - 14, 5 Kyselka camp

After a year, we are returning to our favorite place. This time, Ricci is enjoying time off and running around, and Dexter is working hard. Well, we met

like really a lot. After Saturday to Wednesday's training, it seems to me that Dexík is tired, so I take Ricci to training, who

enjoys it immensely. On Friday, as usual, we have a day off and the OVVR players enter the fight. We used the free time to go on a trip to Velký

Pond, where the boys had a great time running around and swimming too.


It's our turn on Saturday and I'm starting with Dextrem for autumn exams. All leisure disciplines (water, walking, fetch in the field)

let's go on the belt. I'm not sure yet if Dexík could stand it, we would lose points. And of course things happen that one would

didn't expect On the water, you're halfway through Dex he says he doesn't really want the duck and goes back. I'm getting dark. After much effort ho

i am getting back to water and duck brings A gentleman with a scooter appeared to us on the feathered siding. Dex stopped and eyed him

watched I have no words and I stand Dexík announced that there is no point and continues the discipline. You can't make that up :) So we are exams

they arrived successfully. Although in III. price and lastly, but the best for the end, right?-

Of course, the camp was enriched with games of masters and dogs, which were prepared by the pilsner trainers. girls, thank you very much, it was great

And a big thank you, as always, to the Míškovice couple for continuing this beautiful tradition and for loving us.


29.4.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX we have puppies

In the late evening, puppies from the repeated union of Ricci and Růženka were born.

We have 3 girls and 1 boy. All puppies are already entered.


29.4.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX KV SRK Velké Úlany

 On Saturday, we went to another exhibition, this time at the clubhouse of the Sloen RK. I went again only with

Dextreme. He last performed in the youth class. The weather was not in our favor and the whole way and during the exhibition

it rained heavily. From the Norwegian lady judge, we received a beautiful report and a grade V with a placement in 5th place

from 9 dogs. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo :( Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kaiml for the shelter in the tent, at least for my things.



22.4.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX for puppies at CHS Movimento

The time has come to visit the puppies of Ricci and Roxina at CHS Movimento - Bohumín. The kids really did well.

6 girls and 1 boy. All puppies are entered.



Today my white angel Áresek left over the rainbow. It hurts a lot.

8.4.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX NV Špilberka BVV Brno

We are fighting again on the exhibition field. The judge really liked Dexter and we took home a beautiful award

V1, CAJC and BOJ. We did not enter the final competitions, we had to go home because of Áresk's health

got really bad :(




1.-2.4.2023 Spring Danube Bratislava

Two-day exhibition in Slovakia. Again with Dexík. On Saturday, we certainly did not catch the eye of the referee from Italy

and with the VD mark you were kicked out of the circle. Sunday was the complete opposite. The referee from Portugal liked Dexter and that

so much so that we won the junior class with the award Ex1, CAJC, FCI CACIB J, winner of Slovakian juniors. It's not every day

lightening :)

It's Áresek's birthday

On March 26.3.2009, 14, my white bear Áres was born in Flores Vitae kennel. Today he is already XNUMX years old.

We wish him good health.



On March 16.3.2023, XNUMX, puppies from the combination of Dream Max Ricci and Roxi Felix For Tissimus were born in CHS Movimento.

We have 6 girls and 1 boy. All puppies are already entered.


Eye examinations

Yesterday's visit to the doctor went well. Dream Max Ricci i Graf Wilhelm I The Seven DOV examination plain.

Although it was fun. Dexter did not disappoint again and prepared some hot moments.



Saturday 17.2.2023 Dexík class. young V3/6

Sunday 18.2.2023 class young V2/6.


28.-29.2.2023 MVP Brno, Dexter did not get lost again in the junior class. On Saturday, V4/6 award, on Sunday V2/6 and nice reviews.


X-ray results

And we have it in black and white, Dexík has beautiful results. DKK A, DLK 0/0, OCD not affected. Assessed by MVDR Endured.



7.1.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX NV Brno

Beginning of the exhibition season, Dextr class young, V2. The judge was very kind to the exhibitors and the dogs. We also received testimonials, which was

a very nice surprise. Hopefully it will be like that at other exhibitions as well.