Happy and Merry New Year 2019






30.12.2018/9/XNUMX visit to Axy Golden Home XNUMX months

I went to visit the little girl from Ricci's first puppies - Ricci and Ana. Axy grew into a beautiful young lady. 


I also received photos from Andrejka the little - already big Ares Zlatý domov, little brother Axy. He is a beautiful dog.







25.12.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Ricci dad again 

Ricci also became a father on this day. From the combination of Dream Max Ricci and Beautiful Sophie Silvis Sancti Huberti, 6 girls and 2 boys were born.







Girls Adélka and Anička (Áres x Kate) 6 months

Thanks to Martin Luňák for the photos.








25.12.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Aresek's father again

Puppies from Áres Flores VItae and Ibby Werra Z Fatkovského dvora were born. 5 girls and 5 boys were born. The puppies and mother are fine.







We wish you all a beautiful Christmas








Dream Max Ricci







15.12.2018 Vranov


Not over a walk with friends.






On December 9.12.2018, XNUMX, Ricci became a father

Puppies from Dream Max Ricci and Angelika from Berttín Court were born. We have 7 boys and 2 girls. The puppies are lively and Mola's mother takes good care of them. 





8. - 9. 12. 2018 IDS Nitra SK

End of the show season. Two-day international exhibition Nitra.

Saturday 8.12. Dream Max Ricci, cl. working Excellent 1, CAC, Res. CACIB. Ich Áres FLores Vitae tř. veterans V1, BOV.

Sunday 9.12. Dream Max Ricci, cl. working Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB, Ich Áres Flores Vitae, cl. veterans, V2.

Ricci is waiting for the Slovak beauty champion.






2.12.2018 National Dog Show Swibodzice PL 

On Saturday we went to Lucka and Daisinka to Vrchlabí and on Sunday we went to an exhibition in neighboring Poland. Ricci exhibited in class. working and won the mark V1 CWC, the title of national winner and BOB. Ricci thus fulfilled the conditions for the title of Poor Champion of Beauty. Aresek was exhibited in class. veterans V2.

There was a long wait for the final competitions, but it paid off. Ricci won BIG 3. The only thing we didn't get was the weather. On the way back to Vrchlabí, frozen snow fell and it slipped nicely. I gratefully accepted the opportunity to stay until morning and we did not return to Brno until noon on Monday. Thanks Luci for a great trip and nice company.







This time I went to visit the puppies Áreska and Ximminka. The puppies are less than 6 weeks old and they are really giants - teddy bears. Thank you Jani for the invitation and a beautiful flyover.






Today I went to visit the puppies of Ricci and Orchid. The boys will be 3 weeks old in 6 days. They are incredibly alive and kind. Thank you very much for the invitation and beautiful photos to Martin and Lenka Luňák.






11.11.2018 hunt OMS Dražovice 

Ricci's first hunt. Beautiful work in the woods and in the field. There wasn't much opportunity to bring it, but we still got to something. The weather came out, it didn't rain and sometimes the sun shone. Excellent refreshments provided. Finally a rich raffle. 






Regional club show of retriever Kelč 10.11.2018  

Sofinka - Britany Gold Angel Torra - working class V2 (of 3)
Kristýnka + Sofinka - Child and dog - Winners (from 4.)





Walk Vranov 3.11.2018

Not over a nice walk.





Club versatile tests of retrievers retriever Třeboň - IX. Rožmberk Cup year 27.-28.10.2018

I decided to try these difficult exams with Ricci. The first day we were very successful in the field and on the water. The next day we climbed a small forest first. Here Ricci enjoyed me nicely on the square, but in the end he brought both pieces. But he no longer gave the hairy siding in the forest. He decided to go only a little and did not reach the end of the siding at all. We dropped out just before the end of the fight. I have to thank the judges for allowing us to go through the color. Ricci picked it up perfectly, and I was most afraid of her. Well, maybe next year. And maybe we'll get better weather. This time it rained both days, on Saturday more, a cold wind blew. But we still enjoyed it in the group of friends.





KPZ CACT Ivančice 20.10.2018

Iva and Sofinka went to these exams. Sofinka -Britany Gold Angel Torra (16th month) 209st prize 5 points overall 18th place (out of 3 dogs). Sofinka has already passed her XNUMXrd exams this year. She's a clever girl.





Aresek's father again

13.10.2018 puppies from ICH Áres Flores Vitae "U" and Ximmi Goldenpack Marty were born. 3 boys and 1 princess.






Ricci's dad again

10.10.2018 a puppy was born from the combination of JCH CZ and SK Dream Max Ricci and Orchidea Chlupaté štěstí. 6 girls and 3 boys were born.





8.10.2018 visit to the puppies of Areska and Argianka

I went to visit the puppies after Aresek and Argiana on Mala Skala. The guys are gorgeous. They will be moving to new homes in a week.







International dog show České Budějovice 6.10.2018

We went to an international exhibition in České Budějovice together with Iva and Sofinka. Sofinka presented herself beautifully and made us very happy.

Sofinka-Britany Gold Angel Torra working class Exc.1 CAC (Áres Flores Vitae x Beau Maxima Prema Shanti Navaro)

 Dream Max Ricci working class V2, Ares Flores Vitae tr. veterans V2





29.09.2018/2018/XNUMX - IHA Tulln XNUMX (Crufts Qualification) 

He is not consecrated every day. TULLN Dream Max Ricci working class VD1. 






30.09.2018/2018/XNUMX - IHA Tulln XNUMX - BUNDESSIEGER

Sunday - another show day. 30.9.2018/1/XNUMX IHA Tulln, Dream Max Ricci, cl. working Excellent XNUMX CACA. Thank you again for the nice company and photo Peter Otoupalík a Hana Smutná. Thank you for the photo of the half-brothers Marta Farkas






28.9.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX ORC Retriever Festival 

Dream Max Ricci working class V1 CACA.


The best working dog of the show. The boy makes me happy.





16.9.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Special show of retrievers SRK Kamenný Mlyn 

It is becoming a tradition that we go to SRK club shows in Kamenný Mlyn. Beautiful environment and excellent approach of the organizers.

Dream Max Ricci, intermediate class, V2 Res. CAC

Áres Flores Vitae, cl. veterans, Exc.1, BOV, BOS

Ares Golden Home, cl. puppies VN ° 1





9.9.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Club show RK Brno - Žebětín

On Sunday we continued the show competition. Ricci's son Aresek also arrived. We were very successful again.

Axa Zlatý domov (Dream Max Ricci x Any Corany Gold) cl. puppies, VP 2

Ares Golden Home (Dream Max Ricci x Any Corany GOld) cl. puppies, VP 1, BOB baby and BIS baby. Aresek and Andrejka liked it very much and the judge liked it very much.

Britany Gold Angel Torra (Áres Flores Vitae x Beau Maxima Prema Shanti Navaro junior class V

Barbara Gold Angel Torra cl. young V 4
113 1

Rozálie Z Dražovského hájku (Áres x Orphee) cl. puppy VN 2

Dream Max Ricci, cl. working Excellent 1 CAC, CC

Ich Áres Flores Vitae "U", tř. veterans V1, BOV, BOS proved to me again that it does not belong to the scrap metal

Aresek, Ricci and Ricci's children

Ares with daughter Růženka

 Aresek with daughters Sofinka and Vikinka







8.9.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Club show RK Brno - Žebětín 

We had a large representation at this exhibition. This is a two-day show and here are our results from Saturday:

Axa Zlatý domov (Dream Max Ricci x Any Corany Gold), cl. puppies VP 1, BOB baby. Axa presented herself very nicely at her first show. We are very happy with the little girl.

Dream Max Ricci, cl. working Excellent 1, CAC, CC

Britany Gold Angel Torra (Áres Flores Vitae x Beau Maxima Prema Shanti Navaro junior class V
Barbara Gold Angel Torra cl. young V
the girls liked it very much and got wonderful testimonials.

Ich Flores Vitae "U" cl. veterans V1, BOV, BIS veteran well should I leave the boy at home on the couch when he does?





Aresek will be a father again

In the kennel White coffee, puppies from the connection Are x Ximmi are expected in the middle of October. Those interested can contact the breeder Jana Purkertová,






1.-2.9.2018 North Moravian derby Kokory

While the girls were fighting in the show field, Ricci and I were fighting in the working field. First day of autumn I. price 223 points. Only two 3, but it was not enough for the title. The second day of the waterworks test, 167st prize 3 points, one 2. We went to a shootout with a flat and a laika - handling on water, which we won and we won the CACT title. Ricci thus becomes a candidate for a job champion. Overall, we took a wonderful 2019nd place at the Derby and we were nominated for the XNUMX Derby of the Czech Republic. I am very happy with Ricci. 









Junior class (6 females)
Barbara Gold Angel Torra - V2 
Britany Gold Angel Torra - V 
(InterCh.MultiCh GrandCh. Áres Flores Vitae "U" x Torinka-Beau Maxima Préma Shanti Navaro)
We are very happy, they are our girls shikulky.









We have a confirmed pregnancy, Ricci will be a father





August 23, 8 Aresek's father again

Today, 8 beautiful puppies were born to Áresk and Argiana in kennel Bohemian Lucky. We have 4 boys and 4 girls. Babies and mom are fine.

The contact to the breeder is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need to have Javascript enabled.  tel. 720190756, 606970116







18 - 25 August 8 Leština training camp

Ricci and I composed OVVR here in May, and I really liked it. I was looking forward to announcing a date for camp. We arrived on Saturday afternoon. The training always took place in the morning, in the afternoon there were various competitions, a lecture by Martin Mařík, Strmilovská ťápota and "Komorník". We took part in everything with interest. I didn't chase Areska much anymore, he's just a gentleman in years. We learned new things, the training was great. We also went for a bison steak. So maybe next year again. Many thanks to Evička Píchová for organizing this camp and to trainer David Keppert.










18.8.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX CLUB TESTS OF WATER WORK For Ing. Jiří Šváb's traveling cup 


Today 18.8.2018 Iva with Sofinka - Britany Gold Angel Torra (15 months) (InterCh.MultiCh GrandCh. Áres Flores Vitae "U" x Beau Maxima Préma Shanti Navaro) passed the tests in the 118rd prize XNUMX points. Congratulations







11.8.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX KV retrievers Třeboň


Jch Dream Max Ricci, cl. working V2, Res. CAC



Ich Flores Vitae "U" cl. veterans V2



Sofinka-Britany Gold Andel Torra - mark Excellent / 13



We enjoyed the trip, see Ivo.








4.8.2018 canisterapeutic examinations of LDN Valtice

Ricci passed the canine therapy exams today. We will continue to attend canine therapy with Aresk to a special school in Brno, Ybsenka.

Thanks to Vladana Vídecká and Renata Hasilová for the photos.






27.7.2018 visit in kennel Nice Friend

We are going to visit puppies in kennel Nice Friend. There are 4 girls and 4 boys from the connection Ares \ Kate. The puppies are beautiful. We help with photographing attitudes. They all already have their new owners.







July 2018

We are enjoying a holiday at the cottage. We practice a little, we bake something, we mow the grass. We go for walks and to the pond.






7.-8.7.2018 JhmDerby

Jch CZ and SK Dream Max Ricci Saturday PZ, 228st prize, 3 points, res. CACT, 12rd place out of XNUMX dogs
Unfortunately, we did not reach the SZVP Sunday and we dropped out on the last discipline - the search for a duck. Maybe next time 
Congratulations to all involved and we look forward to seeing you at the next rehearsals.
Thanks are due Hana Smutná a Peter Otoupalík who didn't leave me alone and helped me in everything. Petr Pokorný a Hana Pokorná for patient training. Eva Žampachová for sending the photo. AND Lenka JanskáJakub Danko a Vojtěch shedfor babysitting and walking Areska.








OVVR Velké Meziříčí 8.7.2018 July XNUMX 

Barbara Gold Angel Torra 232 points-Test winner (out of 11 dogs)
Britany Gold Angel Torra 232 - 2nd place
I'm very proud of our girls from litter B Gold.







Ricci celebrated his 2nd birthday - 5.7. 2018





23.6.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Intercanis Brno

Judge Mrs. Magdalena Swietoń (PL)

Sofinka-Britany Gold Angel Torra -Exc.I, CAJC, BOJ 
(InterCh.MultiCh GrandCh. Áres Flores Vitae "U" x Beau Maxima Préma Shanti Navaro)


JCH CZ and SK Dream Max RIcci, intermediate class, Exc.2, Res.CAC

Ich Flores VItae "U", tř. veterans V1, BOV

Barunka from Vraclav forests and meadows (Áres x Clea) N2
Berenice from Vraclav forests with meadow (Áres x Clea) - N3

Thank you for the photo Ivana Zikan, for help in the fight for BOV Marcela Zourková and last but not least, for helping with babysitting and moral support Ladislav Tichý












We have puppies


16.6.2018 puppies were born - 4 girls and 4 boys - litter A - Angels

from the connection of Ich Áres Flores Vitae "U" and Kate Diamon in the heart "U"






Health results - breeding B

Barbara Gold Angel Torra -Vikinka HD A / A, ED 0/0, OCD neg. 
Britany Gold Angel Torra - Sofinka HD A / A, ED 0/0, OCD neg.
(InterCh.MultiCh GrandCh. Áres Flores Vitae "U" x Beau Maxima Préma Shanti Navaro)






May 25.5 - 3, 6 Kyselka camp

Year after year, we set out again for our favorite training camp in Kyselka. Again we enjoyed the beautiful terrain and great group. Only rafts didn't work out for us this year. The camp ended with KPZ, which I attended only with Ricci, as I promised Ares last year that he had a room from rehearsals. Ricci fell to III. prices on the siding, where he did not like the duck and took it until the 3rd deployment. Otherwise he worked nicely and I am satisfied with his performance. And we are looking forward to next year again.







20.5.2018 visit to puppies Ricci x Any - 7 weeks 

Today's visit with puppies Dream Max Ricci - Any Corany Gold, 7 weeks
Thank you for the photos and nice escort Marcela Zourková 








Our weekend 12.-13.5.2018

Saturday trip to Wieselburg
Dream Max Ricci, cl. working, Exc.1 CACA, Ricci thus becomes awaiting the Austrian beauty champion



afternoon participation in the Anka Cup, where Ricci received the award for the best show dog of 2017 - GR
Sunday KV retrievers Humpolec
Ich, Áres Flores Vitae "U" tř. Veterans V1 (4)
Dream Max Ricci intermediate class V2, Res.CAC (10)
We really enjoyed this demanding weekend with the transfer from the exhibition in Austria to Humpolec. Many thanks Lucie Kondelková for driving and handling crazy driving :) Ivana ZikanHanka Lanžhotská KuncováPetra Matoušková a Petra Kuhová for nice company, Eva Nohavicová for help with transporting our party back to Brno and Ivana Zikan for beautiful photos.






29.4.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX club show SRK Kamenný Mlyn

Ich Flores Vitae "U" cl. veterans V1, BOV

Dream Max Ricci, intermediate class, V2, Res. CAC

Thanks Hana Smutná a Peter Otoupalík that you still came to us, thanks for the photos Peter Otoupalík a Sandra Toman





28.4.2018 Pápa CAC and Esterházy memorial CAC

28.4.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Popa CAC
Ich Flores Vitae "U" cl. veterans V1, CAC, BOV
Jch CZ and SK Dream Max Ricci, cl. working, Exc.1 CAC
thank you for the photo Peter Otoupalík and for helping with exhibiting Áreska in the BOB competition Hana Smutná, both for a nice company




28.4.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Esterházy memorial CAC
Ich Flores Vitae "U" cl. veterans V1, CAC, BOV
Jch CZ and SK Dream Max Ricci, cl. working, Exc.1, CAC, BOS.
Thanks here too Hana Smutná for help with exhibiting Ares and Peter Otoupalík for photos.


Ricci thus becomes a waiter for the Hungarian beauty champion and Áresek awaits the Hungarian veteran champion







27.4.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Special CAC Halászi

Judge - Sr. Santiago Gadea Castro (ESP)
Dream Max Ricci, intermediate class, V3
Hight quality, well developed pale boy of 21 months, with good construction and temperament, beatiful head, excellent proportions and well molded skull, enough pigmentation, and very beautiful expression, good length and reach of neck, with straight forelegs, with excellent bone and nice cat feet, would like closer feet, and more angulated upper arms, long ribs, excellent heatine and tailset, and good proportions in loin, correct hind angulations, with excellent let down hocks, good coat quality but not in his best today, excellent movement with super attractiveness, excellent head and tail carriage, bud would profer longer steps, when matures will be in top quality.




Áres Flores Vitae "U", cl. veterans, Exc.1 CAC, res. BIS veteran
Hight quality pale sir of 9 years, in wondergul condition for his age, with super construction and excellent proportion, very well balanced anfulations, very beautiful head with powerful muzzle, perfect mouth, excellent pigmentation, super length and reach of neck, would like to have it cleaner, dreamof shoulder, lot of bone, deep chest, very well developed ribcage, excellent topline, would like a little lower hips, excellent hind angulation, with perfect let down hock, happy movement with excellent attractiveness, enough drive, excellent head and tail carriage, firm back, wonderful temperament I would like to see in all dogs his age, he shows the experience of his life in his beautiful expression




Thank you for the nice company Hana Smutná a Peter Otoupalík, Peter also for the beautiful photos.






24.4.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX visit at puppies 

I was visiting puppies from Ich Áres Flores Vitae "U" x Abra Dream of Snowflake. They are beautiful teddy bears and they all already have their new owners.








21.4.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX IDS České Budějovice

JCH CZ and SK Dream Max Ricci intermediate class V1, CAC
ICH Áres Flores Vitae "U" tř. Veterans V3


Elis Jenny Citarwen (Áres Flores Vitae x Betty Citarwen) cl. open V2, Res. CAC


Barunka z Vraclavských lesů a luk (Áres Flores Vitae x Clea Citarwen) puppy class, VP1








April 19.4.2018, XNUMX we celebrate birthdays

And another year is behind us, today is its 3rd birthday, all the best hairy 








17.4.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX BVV show Silva Regina

We participated with Áres and Ricci at the BVV show SIlva Regina as representatives of retrievers







ANKA Cup 2017 
Jch CZ and SK Dream Max Ricci
1st place show dog                                  
10th place working dog
7th place dual


I Are Flores Vitae "U"
2st place show dog
6th place working dog
3th place dual





8.4.2018 IDS Nitra

The very next day we went with Ricci to the International show in Slovakia - to Nitra. Ricci started in cl. working and won V2, Res., CAC.





7.4.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX NV Ostrava

After a year, we went to NV again in Ostrava. I had Areska in the veteran class again and I entered Ricci in the winners class after a long decision. This time Iva and Sofinka also went with us, who presented herself in class. young. Petr Studeník, our main navigator, also made us company :)

And how did we end up? Great. 

Dream Max Ricci 21 months old, cl. winners V1 CAC


Áresek tř. veterans, V1, BOV



Britany Gold Angel Torra - Sofinka (Áres x Torinka), cl. young V3



Áreska's daughter Barunka Z Vraclavských lesů a luk in cl. puppy and got a beautiful mark VN 1

and Abiie de Salvia Minor in cl. winners with Excellent 1 CAC, NV and BOS







The first puppies after Ricci are in the world. On Friday, March 30.3.2018, 13, 6 white balls were born. 7 girls and XNUMX boys. Those interested can contact the breeder Mrs. Chytilová, tel.  737609534




 On March 26.3.2018, 9, Áresek celebrated his XNUMXth birthday






17.3.2018 ZZO exams

In very cold weather, we took the performance tests at the KK SVVaT Střelice training camp. Ares and Ricci passed the ZZO exams. Out of a possible number of 60 points, Ricci won 57 and Ares 53 points.






10.3.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Rokytno

I went to Rokytno to see the training of puppies. There were 4 girls from the connection of Ich Áres Flores Vitae "U" and Clea Citarwen and our Sofinka from Áreska and Torinka. The boys enjoyed the snow and I loved the sight of the little clever girls.






2. 3. 2018 CACIB Zielona Gora PL

We went to the show in Poland again. This time for an international exhibition in Zielona Gora. We registered Ricci in class. working - it was his premiere in this class. To my great joy, we won the V1 CWC award. Áresek started in cl. veterans and he also won this class - V1. They both took the second step to meet the conditions for the Polish beauty champion and the Polish veteran champion.




27.2.2018 small Ares in the world

Today 9 puppies from Ich Áres Flores Vitae "U" and Orphe z Dražovského hájku were born. 5 girls and 4 boys. However, the youngest girl lost her fight for life. All puppies are already entered.






Ricci will be a dad

We have good news. At the end of January, Ricci was mated to female Ana Corany Gold - she is Ares' daughter. 26.2. her pregnancy was confirmed. At the end of March we can look forward to the first Swedes. Interested parties can contact Mrs. Chytilová, tel. 737609534.






26.2.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX Aresek's father again

On Monday 4 puppies were born from the connection of Ich Áres Flores VItae "U" and Abra Dream of Snowflake. 2 girls and 2 boys.






3. - 4. 2. 2018 DUO CACIB BrNo.

As every year, this year we participated in our home exhibition in Brno. Our friend Lucka and Daisy arrived again. On Saturday Ricci started in intermediate class and got a beautiful report and Excellent 1 CAC. He thus became a candidate for the Czech beauty champion.


Ares again in V1 and BOV veterans. In the final competitions we advanced to the TOP 6. 



Our girls after Aresek and Torinka also introduced themselves. Sofinka in cl. Puppies VP 4 and Vikinka VP 2. We are very happy with our girls. Daisy and Lucka ran the V3 award in the intermediate class.



On Sunday we entered the same classes. Ricci in intermediate class V2 Res. CAC, the judge has been making decisions for a very long time. Áres also won the V2 award.




Aresek will be a father again

We have a confirmed pregnancy Orphe. We can look forward to puppies at the end of February.








Haná National Show 13.1.2018


This year's first exhibition. Ricci entered the intermediate class and won the V3 award. Aresek entered the veterans and won the V1 award. The little girl after Áresk from litter B kennel Angel Torra - Britany Gold Angel Torra - Sofinka presented herself for the first time and won VP3. We are very proud of the little girl.