We have a non-holiday cover. The groom was Ich Áres Flores Vitae "U". The bride was Orphe Z Dražovského hájku. We will wait for confirmation of pregnancy and look forward to puppies.


26.12.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX visit at puppies

On the second Christmas holiday I went to Vraclav for puppies Areska and Clei. The puppies are already 6 weeks old and they are beautiful. The whole litter is beautifully balanced and the heads are like poppies. The pink little girl Barunka will remain in her native kennel.


16.12.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX Vranov

Super walk with hafans - Ares, Ricci, Torinka, Sofinka, Vikinka


9. - 10. 12. 2017 IDS Nitra
Before the end of the year, we visited our neighbors in Slovakia for an International Exhibition. I only went with Ricci. Lucka Kondělková and Daisy kept us company. On Saturday we took 2nd place in intermediate class with V2 Res. CAC. On Sunday we received our first VD - which every mushroom must have :)
Unfortunately, I have no photos from this show.

2. 12. 2017 National show Swiebodzice Poland

We went to Poland to try our luck. Already on Friday we came to our friend Lucka Kondělková and on Saturday morning we went to an exhibition in the nearby Polish town of Swiebodzice. Ricci entered the intermediate class and won a beautiful Excellent 1 CWC. He thus became a candidate for the Polish beauty champion. Áresek was entered in cl. veterans. He also liked the judge very much and won the V1 award. He thus became the expectant Polish veteran champion. The fight for the National Winner followed. To my great joy, the judge chose Ricci. Lucka and Daisy entered the intermediate class and they also won Excellent 1 CWC and subsequently the title of National Winner. I had the BOB title with Ricci and Aresek and Lucka with Daisy. Radka Štenclová represented me at Áres, and certainly she, a veteran, was given the title BOB to her great joy. This was followed by a long wait for the final competitions.

Ares first joined the other winning veterans. To my great joy, we won and Aresek won the title of BIS veteran. Another wait followed. And it also paid off when we took a beautiful 1st place and the title of BIG FCI VIII.

The next day we took a beautiful walk with our hairs. Vrchlabí was full of snow and the boys were excited, because there is no white in Brno yet.

On Sunday afternoon, we still tried to fight for the BIS, but we weren't lucky there. I guess that would be too much. We left on Sunday night and I was thrilled with our success. Many thanks to Lucka for her accommodation and nice company.


18.11.2017 KPZ Stepanov - RK

I decided that this year we will try to manage the autumn exams with Ricci. The date was already quite high and the temperatures low. I registered Ricci for exams organized by RK, organized by Mrs. Soňa Sehnalíková. Ricci worked very well and we only passed the exams with 3, otherwise in 4. I never dreamed of that. A big surprise came when we were invited to a shootout for the winner of the tests. However, fatigue and lack of concentration were already manifest, and Ricci ran out during the shot. Even so, we took a beautiful 3rd place and also won the title of Res. CACT. This is a big thank you to Soni for organizing the exams and especially to Hance and Peter Pokorný, who dedicate their time to us and help us with the training.



11.11.2017 puppies are born

On the night of November 10-11, puppies were born from Clea Citarwen "U" and CIB Áres Flores Vitae "U". We have 4 beautiful princesses and 4 brave princes waiting for their loving owners. More info at


8 - 9 November 11 Leipzig

After arranging with friends from Labradors, Ricci and I went to Germany for an international and world exhibition. On Wednesday, November 8.11.2017, 3, an international dog show took place in Leipzig. Ricci was reported to the intermediate class. Judged by a judge from Ireland. Since Ricci had been eating me badly and losing weight lately, I was worried about the results. Our VXNUMX location was a pleasant surprise.

After the show we went to accommodation together. The next day the world exhibition began. Ricci again in intermediate class. Judged by a judge from Norway. In the competition of 24 dogs, we finished with the mark Excellent in a beautiful 5th place right behind our breeder Jennie Andersson from Sweden, which Ricci liked very much. Thank you to all the golden fans from the Czech Republic who came to Kukanda and supported us with their applause during our performance.


4.11.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX IDS Prague

Ricci is shown in the intermediate class for the first time, we get the mark Excellent and we end up in the unofficial 5th place just in front of the box. Unfortunately I don't have any photos from this show.


We have a confirmed pregnancy

The puppies will be born in mid-November 2017

September 23-24.9.2017, XNUMX - MVZPR Kyselka

Áres Flores Vitae "U" - 8,5 years
II. price, 513 points, 7th place out of 24 starters.
KVZPR Kyselka 23.-24.9.2017
Many thanks to the organizers - husband Pavel and Božence Míškovice :) and all the comrades' friends. I have to thank you in particular Government Holan for super service in case of car breakdown.
Thanks to Mr. Pích for beautiful photos.
Ares had his rehearsal finale. I'm sorry about my promise now. Just look at the table.
It was just great, as always :)



16.9.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX - IDS Nitra

On Saturday we took part in the International Dog Show in Nitra. Judged by an unknown Portuguese judge. In the junior class, Ricci won a beautiful V1 award with the CAJC title. Subsequently, we also won a BOJ. In the final competitions, we advanced in the selection of meuo 3 best youngsters from FCI VIII. Ricci presented himself beautifully. Lucka Kondělková and Daisy and Petr Studeník made a nice company for us again.

15.9.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX - Club show of the Slovak Retriever Club Kamenny Mlyn

I was really looking forward to this show, we have never been to it before. Lucka and Daisy also arrived and on Friday morning we set off in cold weather. The weather surprised us very nicely. The sun was shining all day. Judge was Mr. Liam Moran from Ireland. First Ricci presented himself in the junior class and won a beautiful award V1 CAJC and then BOJ. Ricci thus fulfilled the conditions for JCh SK.

Ares to present in class. veterans. The judge also liked him and we ran V1 and subsequently BOV. Áresek fulfilled the conditions for the title Vet.CH SK.

Daisy and Lucka ran a beautiful 4th place in the intermediate class with the V award. The fight for the best golden retriever followed. I had to board with Ricci and Aresek. Lucka represented me at Áresk. To our great joy, they ran BOB awards together !!!!!


And how did the full finals turn out? Ricci and I ran out of Res. BIS junior and Lucka and Ares ran out of BIS veteran. Luci thanks a lot for the help and wonderful presentation of my veteran :)


27-28.8.2017 August XNUMX - MSR Kyselka

We were nominated for this prestigious retriever competition. I was looking forward to a great group and to the whole rehearsals. Unfortunately, we dropped out on the first day of searching for ducks in the reeds. Being first in the group and going to the reeds where no one has been before is not always the best :). Despite the fact that we dropped out, we stayed until the next day and enjoyed the beautiful terrain, weather and atmosphere.

MSR 2017 1

X-ray evaluation

Dream Max Ricci DKK A / A, DKJ 0/0, OCD neg. YAY


August 2017 - photoshoot with Tom

19-20.8.2017 August XNUMX - DuoCacib Bratislava

We went to a two-day exhibition in Bratislava. Lucka Kondělková and Daisy kept us company. Daisy and Ricci presented themselves in class. young, Áresek in cl. veterans. 

Saturday - Áres cl. of veterans V1, BOV is not awarded in Slovakia, so we advanced to the final competitions where Áresek ran Veteran BIS 2

Ricci junior class Exc.1, CAJC

Sunday - Áres cl. veterans V1, Ricci cl. young Excellent 1 CAJC and BOJ. We fairly shared the battles with Lucka, one every day :)

15/7/2017 - NV Interdog Bohemia

We are exhibiting again. Ricci was the first to start in cl. young and ran a nice review and award V1, CAJC and subsequently BOJ. Aresek to present in class. working with V1 CAC. Áreska's daughter Elis (Mch. Áres Flores Vitae "U" x Betty Citarwen) also presented herself at the show and in the competition of 17 females she won an award - V.

8. - 9. 7. 2017 - Jhm Derby Rohozná near Jihlava

The first day we passed the Autumn exams. Aresek went in 4 with one 3 of the feathered siding. Our favorite search with a mark of 2 threw us into the 2nd prize. On the second day of the waterworks test, we go at 4, so we're going to shoot. There were a total of 5 dogs, 3 Labradors and 2 Golden in the shootout. We finished in a beautiful 2nd place with the title Res. CACT and overall at Derby we placed 8th out of 14 participants. Petra Kuhová and Patík did the company for us this time.

1. 7. 2017 - National Dog Show Klatovy

I let myself be teased and we went to the national show all the way to Klatovy. Ricci in cl. young won a beautiful report with the award V1 CAJC and Áresek in cl. working V2 Res. CAC. The judge liked both boys, which made me very happy. The company was again made by Lucka Kondělková and Daisy, who won in class. young Excellent 1, CAJC and BOJ.

June 24, 6 - MP Brno

PLucka and Daisy came after us again and we are going to the show. Áresek in cl. working received from Mr. Šimek award V2 Res. CAC. Ricci in cl. young Excellent 1 CAJC - and that we ran. Like Ricci, Daisy won CAJC V1. Subsequently, we ran for the golden winner. Ricci won BOJ and even BOB. Ricci and I also ran a beautiful BIG 2 in the game competitions.

May 27, 5 - KV RK Konopiště

We present ourselves at the RK club show in Konopiště. Ares in cl. veterans with V2 award, Ricci in cl. young with award V1, CAJC. Great satisfaction

 May 26, 5 - Birth of litter "B" Angel Torra

Today, 26.5.2017 were born puppies from Mch Áres Flores Vitae "U" x Beau Maxime Prema Shanti Navaro - Torinka. I had the opportunity to be at the birth of Ares' puppies for the first time. Ivana Zikan, thank you very much for that. We have 5 sweet princesses and 5 brave princes. The birth went smoothly, Torča was amazing. Mom and baby are fine and they are alert to the world.