7. - 8. 12. 2019 IDS Nitra 

The last exhibition this year was Nitra in Slovakia. I registered Ricci in class. openly. On Saturday we took a beautiful 1st place V1 CAC, on Sunday V3. We enjoyed the weekend in the nice company of the Míšek and Šipl family. 

On Sunday, the girls Gina and Gianna Bella Aurea presented themselves at the show (Mch Dream Max Ricci "U" x CH Finna Bella Aurea "U")

Gina, cl. puppy, VN 4

Gianna, cl. Puppy, VP 1, Best Puppy of Breed. 








30.11. 2019 IDS Prague

We did not take part in the show this time, but our descendants Áreska (Áres Flores Vitae "U") and Ricci (Dream Max RIcci "U") made us very happy.

cl. Puppy, Bruce Zlatý Domov (Ricci x Any Corany Gold) VP 2
cl. young, Angel Ares Nice Friend (Ares x Kate Diamond the
heart) V3

cl. puppies, Hope Dream Golden Curly (Ricci x Olivia Hairy)
happiness) VN 1
Haley Dream Haley Dream (Ricci x Olivia Chlupaté
happiness) VN 3
Jadore Ares White cofee (Áres x Iennica Diamond rhe
heart) VN 4
Holly Elie Citarwen (Ares x Funny Rose Citarwen) VN
cl. young, Beauty Orchid Nice Friend (Ricci x Orchidea
Hairy Happiness) V 4
cl. intermediate class, Angel Adel Nice Friend (Áres x Kate Diamond the
heart) V1, CAC
cl. open, Angel Anabel Nice Friend (Áres x Kate Diamont the
heart) Exc.1, CAC, CACIB
Barunka Z Vraclavskych lesy a luk (Ares x Clea
Citarwen) V4

Too much, too much Congratulations :)









25. - 27. 10. 2019 club VZPR Třeboň 

Today, Dream Max Ricci successfully passed the all-round tests in Třeboň in the 8st prize and took the beautiful XNUMXth place. He can add "U" to his name








19 - 20 October 10.2019 JhČ Derby Stříbřec

I did not plan to go to these tests, but after an agreement with Petra we set off in the direction of South Bohemia. Ricci ran both tests in II. price. In the autumn we took 2 out of the search and on vodka Ricci exchanged ducks on the water. It blew a lot on both days, it overflowed and we were quite cold. It wasn't until Sunday afternoon that the results were announced. Ricci finished this derby in 8th place, out of 19 starters. I don't think we were ashamed.






5 - 6 October 10 Komárom Hungary

We tried our luck - to finish the Hungarian champion. And because I didn't have babysitting for Ares, I signed him up. This is despite the fact that I promised him that he was calm from all such activities. Well, it paid off. Both boys won Excellent 1 CAC on both days, so Ricci became Hungarian beauty champion and Ares Hungarian veteran champion.








30. 9. 2019 visit of puppies

We went to cuddle for the puppies of Ricci and Aurinka. They are little robbers, photography was no fun. Aura Eva breeder and Aunt Sylva also came, whom I thank very much for the photos.









21.-22.9.2019 ZčDerby Kyselka

Dream max Ricci KPZ III. price. KZVP I. price
Overall 15th place at the derby.
Like every year wonderful trials, this time the weather is luxurious, a bunch of friends. What else could you wish for. Thanks a lot Bozena Míšková a Pavel Mišek for organizing. We will be back next year.










14.9.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX Special Retriever Exhibition Kamenný Mlyn SRK

We went to this show with the boys and with Hanka - Vikinka. Aresek only accompanied us, he is promised that he can only enjoy himself. Ricci's son Aron Zlatý domov entered the junior class and took a beautiful 2nd place. Ricci started in cl. working with V4 award. Vikinka was also in class. working with V3 award. I am very happy with our results and maybe here again in April.











5.9.2019 Visit in kennel Z Vrbovskeho dvora (Ricci x Francesca)

 And cheers for the puppies. This was born on July 18.7.2019, 5 from the union of Dream Max Ricci and Francesca from Karpentná. We have 2 girls and XNUMX boys. All puppies are entered.








31.8. - 1.9.2019 North Moravian Derby

We have traditionally participated in these beautiful trials. The first day of autumn, the second day of vodka. Ricci worked very nicely on both days, he passed both exams in the 3st prize with two 4. Both exams came with the title Res. CACT and overall placed at the derby in a beautiful XNUMXth place.










27.8.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX Rokytno

To jump in Rokytn and see how Zarinka progressed in training, to puppies Áreska and Kate. A beautiful trip with Ivanka. And Zarinka swims beautifully :)







25.8.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX Rýmařov 

Visit to puppies Areska and Iennice litter J.








24.8.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX we are traveling

Today we went on a trip with the boys, Marcelka and her girls. The first road led to Vranov to Ivanka behind SOfinka and Zarinka. Zarča grows like out of water and in a while she will be bigger than her mother Sofinka.


 From Vranov we went to Holštejn for a boy from litter "S" from Ricci and Orphe. Everyone enjoyed swimming in the pond and we loved the company of Mrs. Chytré and her family.









6.8.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX Aura x Ricci

DNes puppies from Dream Max Ricci and Aurita Ebellini were born. Balanced litter of females and 3 males. Those interested can contact Ms. Kratochvílová








2.8.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX Vranov

A visit to Sofinka and Zarinka - such a normal family.







We go for puppies

On Tuesday 30.7. we went on a puppy tour. First to Jičín to kennel Citarwen to Janička Červinková. A hairy gift from Aresek was waiting for us here - 3 girls and 4 boys. We enjoyed cuddling together, a nice walk and a nice evening. We stayed until morning. We took a few more attitude photos in the morning and we drove after lunch.


We drove a few kilometers to Vrchlabí to kennel Zlatá kudrnka Here we were welcomed by Lucka and puppies - 5 females and 3 males from Ricci and Daisy. We spent a beautiful afternoon, we even went to a small forest pool to bathe hafanas. We stayed until the next day and we only needed a visit to Pištory in Roztoky near Jilemnice, we did not return home until after midnight.

The puppies are beautiful, at the time of the visit one more dog was free, now when I do the update, all the puppies are already entered.









27/7/2019 KZVP RK Těšany

Dream Max Ricci CACT, test winner
After a long time, I went to rehearsals organized by RK, which took place in the beautiful surroundings of the Borkovany pond. A total of 24 dogs participated. We succeeded 20. We were only 3 Golden and we all did very well, we all finished in the XNUMXst prize. Hanka and Vikinka also enjoyed the test luck, which made us very happy. The rehearsals ended in a shootout that we managed to win. Congratulations to all who have passed the exams. Thanks to Ivanka for the photos.







20.7.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX puppy kennel Z Padělského mlýna

We went to visit the children of Áresk and Ricci to the Doctors. The difference between the squirrels is less than a week, so I could only tell from the collars whether they are Ares or Richas :) The puppies are very contact. All but one boy already have their new owners. 








18.7.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX puppies Ricci and Franceska

July 18.7.2019, 5 puppies were born from the combination of Francesca Karpentná and Dream Max Ricci. We have 2 beautiful girls and 606057074 big boys. Those interested can contact Ms. Peterčáková, tel. XNUMX.

17.7.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX Áres x Iennica
Today puppies from Áres Flores Vitae and Iennica Diamond in the Heart were born. We have 2 sweet princesses and 5 stout princes.






13.-14.7.2019 JhM Derby Rohozná 

Participating in this derby has become a tradition for me. Saturday was marked by autumn rehearsals. Starting number 16 brought us luck, not only for the marks, but also for the people in the group. PZ ran to Ricci as the only dog ​​in 4 and made me so happy. On Sunday morning, we took the water tests. Unfortunately, the very first discipline got us (and not only us) out of competition. However, we were able to go through everything else in practice. Holt we have to finish the reeds :) In total there was a derba of 9 out of 17 dogs and we took a CACT at least for the first day.








5/7/2019 KV RK Kelč

I was looking forward to Kelč for the club. Although I had both boys reported, I decided to end Aresek's show career and marry only Ricci. At the last moment, the referee changed and the news on the almighty FB did not bode well. The judge was very nice but strict and the V mark was won by few. We in class. winners we caught VD 2 with a beautiful testimonial. There were also females from litters at the show. Axa in cl. young VD, Růženka in intermediate class VD2, Berenika in intermediate class VD4, Vikinka in worker V3.








Ricci has a birthday

On July 5, 7, Ricci celebrated his 2019rd birthday. Goodbye baby boy.







30.6. 2019 visit to kennel Bella Aurea

This time we went with Aresek and Ricci to visit the puppies after Ricci in Slovakia. Again we were accompanied by very warm weather. First there was cuddling with hairy ones. I have to say that they really did it. One little girl remains in her native kennel. Then we let Áreska and Finna watch the puppies and we went to practice a little in the beautiful nature of the Belanska valley. Thanks to Dušan for the photos.







23. 6. 2019

Today puppies from Dream Max Ricci and Olivia Chlupaté štěstí were born. We have 5 beautiful girls and 3 beautiful boys.








June 22, 6 Intercanis Brno 

Dream Max Ricci, cl. champions V4

Áres Flores Vitae, cl. veterans V1

Axa Zlatý domov, cl. young V (Ricci x Any)

Angel Adel Nice Friend, cl. Junior V3 (Ares x Kate)

Angel Anabel Nice Friend, cl. Junior V4 (Ares x Kate)

Berenika z Vraclavských lesů a luk, intermediate class, Exc.1, CAC (Áres x Clea)

Barbara Gold Angel Torra, cl. working Excellent 1, CAC (Áres x Torinka)







21. 6. 2019

Today puppies from Áres Flores Vitae and Funny Rose Citarwen were born. We have 3 girls and 4 boys.






15. - 16. 6. 2019 Derby CR

We successfully nominated for the Derby of the Czech Republic 2019 - KZPR Střibřec by successfully passing the derby last year. We passed these two-day tests in very warm weather and with a large number of mosquitoes. We had a very nice group. Congratulations to all the successful and perhaps again in a year at the Derby CR 2020.







14/6/2019 EDS Wels

Although I did not intend to participate, at the request of Ricci's breeder I announced at the last minute. Ricci presented himself in class. working. A total of 14 dogs entered. We were shortlisted and then again. The placement of V4 made me very happy. I couldn't find our remote parking lot after the show. With the help of the locals and the police :) we managed to find the right parking lot and then hurry to the southern Bohemia for tests.






11.6.2019 visit in kennel Nice Friend 

Today I went for puppies from the repeated connection of Áresk and Kačenka. Babies grow like out of water and they are already having fun. Thanks to Martin for the photos





9. 6. 2019

Today puppies from the connection of Áres Flores Vitae and Fibi from Padělský mlýn were born. 9 girls and 3 dogs were born.







4. 6. 2019

Today puppies from Dream Max Ricci and Meiepere N'Oubliez Jamais were born. We have 6 females and 4 males.







Today puppies from Dream Max Ricci and Britany Gold Angel Torra were born. The puppies were born by caesarean section, 1 little girl and 1 little boy. Everyone is okay. 







May 17 - 26, 5 Kyselka camp

As every year, this year we went to a residential camp in remote Kyselka. From Saturday to Thursday we practiced hard in the field, in the woods and by the water. Evenings spent with friends on the same note were recharging. The weather was April, rain for a while, wind for a while and then the sun again. Aresek was already out of training, enjoying his senior age. Even so, sometimes he brought a fetch and was very satisfied. Autumn rehearsals took place on Saturday. Unfortunately, we dropped out in the first discipline, furry siding. Ricci had worked out the siding nicely, but he went to see the judge and returned without a piece. I didn't get it again. We also went through other disciplines in addition to searching for time reasons. We have to improve :) In the evening after evaluating the rehearsals, we cheered on our hockey players and then we got involved in a fun party. Sunday was marked by tears, farewells and departures. So again in a year Kyselko :)







Today puppies were born - 7 females and 8 males, from the repeated combination of Dream Max Ricci and Any Corany Gold. We keep our fingers crossed for Ana and the breeder. They are full of night shifts :) and feeding.








Today puppies were born - 2 females and 3 males from Dream Max Ricci and Finna Bella Aurea. The puppies and mother are fine. All puppies are already entered.







Today puppies were born - 4 females and 4 males, from Dream Max Ricci and Orphee Z Dražovského hájku. Everyone is okay. All puppies are already entered.





11 - 12 May 5 KV Humpolec

The 2-day KCHLS club show once again chose the worse weather. But the company of friends made up for everything. For both days I showed only Ricci in class. working. Both days we received the mark Excellent without order, with beautiful testimonials. Aresek did not exhibit, he only kept us company. So maybe next year will be nice again. On Saturday, Ricci and I received an award in the Mountfield Cup for 1st place Dual Purpose.








We have the first results of Ricci's descendants - Ares Golden Home


DLK 0/0

OCD shoulders negative

Examination for eye defects - clean

I am very happy and thank the breeders for taking care of our baby boy.







Today we visited for puppies in kennel Dorneese with puppies Áreska and Chance. Hairy guys are nice robbers. They all already have new owners and will soon move to new homes.






30.4.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX Obl.KV RK Kelč

In cloudy weather, we participated in the Regional Club Show. Judged by a judge from Sweden.

Áres Flores Vitae, cl. veterans V1
Dream Max Ricci, cl. working Excellent 1 CC, VT ,, best dog Kelče ,, OV, BIS working dog, BIS best dog
Axa Zlatý domov cl. young V4
Rozálie Z Dražovského hájku cl. young VD
Thanks to Marcelka Zourková and Mile Chytilová for the nice company, and thanks to Marcelka for the photos.









28.4.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX Club show of the Slovak Retriever Club Kamenný Mlyn

We participated in this exhibition in large numbers. The organizers again prepared a beautiful exhibition, the weather was good.

Ares Golden Home (Ricci x Any) cl. young, V

Artuš Zlatý domov, cl. young, V

Dream Max Ricci, cl. working, V2, Res. CAC

Áres Flores Vitae, cl. veterans V3

Axa Zlatý domov, cl. young, VD

competition for the best stallion consisting of Ricci + Ares, Axa, Artuš - 1st place










today we were at a meeting of the Canisterapeutic Association of South Moravia.






24.4.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX we have puppies 

Today puppies from the repeated connection of Kačenka and Áresk were born. We have 4 sweet princesses and 3 stout princes. Many thanks to Martin Luňák for the photos.





20.4.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX IDS Prague 

Judges: John Thirlwell, GB

Dream Max Ricci, cl. working Excellent 1, CAC. Ricci finished the CZ beauty champion. He is his 3rd adult beauty champion :)








17.4.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX we have puppies

On April 17, 4, this beautiful pack was born to us! Four males and four females. Sweethearts grow like out of water and will be taken in about two months. If you are interested, you can contact me Mrs. Pištorová, tel. 2019.









13.04.2019 - IDS Ceske Budejovice

Dream Max Ricci, cl. working, Exc.2, Res.CAC (judge Kardi Maret EST)

thank you for the photo Ladislav Tichý







We are looking forward to puppies








Dream Max Ricci, show dog 2nd place 516 points
Áres Flores Vitae, show dog 3rd place, 514 points
Dream Max Ricci, working dog, 6th place, 216 points
Dream Max Ricci, dual purpose, 1st place, 126.936 points
Dream Max Ricci, Retriever of the Year, 4th place (out of 30 participants)






6.4.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX NV Ostrava

BARBARA GOLD ANGEL TORRA - Vikinka working class: Exc.1, CAC (f.:Ares Flores Vitae x m.:Beau Maxima Prema Shanti Navaro)
Vikinka became a waiting for the beauty champion 





30.3.2019 Canisterapeutic examinations Valtice 

Today 30.3.2019 our girls Vikinka-Barbara Gold Angel Torra and Sofinka-Britany Gold Angel Torra (f.:Ares Flores Vitae x m.:Beau Maxima Prema Shanti Navaro),
passed the canis therapy exams under the auspices of the South Moravia Canis Therapy Association. Both with a full score of 100 points + 1 for helpfulness. They are our handy girls.








There will be more puppies

At the end of April we can look forward to puppies from repeated connection of Ares Flores Vitae "U" and Kate Diamond in the Heart "U"




On March 26.3.2019, 10, Áresek celebrated his XNUMXth birthday








17.3.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX Aresek's father again

On Sunday, 9 beautiful puppies were born to Aresek and Cesinka. We have 5 girls and 4 boys. Some boys are still free.







9.2.2019 with puppies in Rýmařov  

I went with the boys to see the puppies after Aresek and Wera. They are chubby and furry teddy bears again. All puppies are entered and have their new owners.





We are looking forward to puppies

We have a confirmed pregnancy. Puppies after Aresek and Chance will be born in mid-March. 





2.- 3. 2. 2019 DUO CACIB Brno

2.2. 2019

Dream Max Ricci, cl. working V2, Res. CAC


Endie Body CItarwen (Áres Flores Vitae x Betty Citarwen), cl. working V4


Barunka Z Vraclavskych lesu a luk (Ares Flores VItae x Clea Citarwen), cl. young, V



Dream Max Ricci, cl. working V


Rozálie Z Dražovského hájku (Áres Flores Vitae x Orphee Z Dražovského hájku), cl. young, V





29.1.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX wandering for puppies

I went with Ricci and Aresek to see Ricci's descendants. First we went to Lomnice nad Popelkou for puppies from Dream Max Ricci x Angelika from Bertínský dvor with Janička Kracíková. Babies are 6,5 weeks old and they are pretty restless. They are small restless.

After cuddling and having a joint lunch, we went to nearby Semily for puppies from Dream Max Ricci x Beautiful Sophia. These puppies are 5 weeks old and they all already have their owners. Lucka and her children came to see us. We spent a beautiful afternoon and got home just before midnight. But it was worth it :)






25. - 27. 1. 2019 Nitradog

Dream Max Ricci cl. working V3, V3, V1 CAC, Res. CACIB, Ricci fulfilled the last condition for the title of Champion of Beauty SK.

Áres Flores Vitae, cl. veterans V2, V2, V2

Britany Gold Angel Torra, Sunday cl. working V4







Haná National Show, Brno 12.1.2019

Dream Max Ricci (2,5 years) cl. working V3

res Flores Vitae (10 years) cl. honorary V1

Axa Zlatý domov (Ricci x Any) cl. young V4

Barunka Z Vraclavskych lesu a luk (Ares x Clea) cl. young VD

Berenika Z Vraclavskych lesu a luk (Ares x Clea) cl. young VD
Barbara Gold Angel Torra (Ares x Torinka) cl. working V4

thank you all for the beautiful presentation, the photographers Marcela Zourková a Ladislav Tichý for photos and girls Ivana ZikanHanka Lanžhotská KuncováLucie KondelkováMarcela ZourkováJana Brýdlová with family for nice company.








And Vranov again

So it's snowing for us. It came after the new year. The boys are enjoying it properly. Where else can I walk than behind Ivča and Sofinka to Vranov :)