October 2016 - Photoshoot on Kraví Hora

15 - 16 October 10 - Rosenberg Cup

Rosenberg Cup October 15-16.10.2016, 8. Ich Áres Flores Vitae "U" placed in a beautiful 24th place out of 489 participants. II. price, 77 (2) points. The weather was good, it couldn't be better. People great, I unfortunately didn't get into the group with those closest to me. Maybe next time. In the 2nd prize we got XNUMX out of the square and search. I'm not speeding my darling on my old knees anymore :)I am very happy with the full number of points from bringing. We have ended our activities this year with these tests. Thanks to everyone who was with us and congratulations once again to all of you :)

10 - 11 September 9 - MVZPR Týn nad Vltavou

We have had a beautiful all-round test in Týn. I congratulate everyone who came and thank all my friends for the nice company and friendly atmosphere Lucie KondelkováIva VackováMarcela Krečmerová, ..... there were enough of you. The tests were again difficult, especially with regard to very warm weather. We started with a small forest and water and I was very happy with the signs. Unfortunately, the heat worked and it was visible in the afternoon field. Everything took Aresk, so search for 2 pieces and snooping for 2, which posunder the 2nd prize. On Sunday a big forest all for 4 and praise from the judges for the best color, We were very happy about that. There were a total of 14 dogs 6 and we in a beautiful 2 place. I must not forget to thank Dad Petr Studenik that he took little Ricci to Cocker Spain and taught him something :) and a friend Ladislav Tichý for babysitting Prtík, which I was supposed to have on babysitting this weekend.


September 1, 9 - Trip to Sweden

After a long and careful selection by Mr. P. Studeník, we went to distant Sweden to the kennel Dream Max for a beautiful white boy - Dream Max Ricci. Even though we had another dog chosen, the breeder's words came up and we took Ricci home. He will make his partner Aresek, who is very sad after the departure of his beloved Guccink.

23.-24.7.2016 - North Moravian derby

After Friday's sad event, I didn't even want to take these exams. But the presence of friends was better than looking at an empty space. Ares was not in his skin, I recognized him right away. We drew No. 2. Right at the first discipline, it was clear that today will not end well. Ares' work was very lukewarm and interest in the game was almost nil. Even so, we managed to reach the first day of the PZ, although in the 3rd prize. The next day we took the water tests. Ares was like a trader, he worked hard and we passed the tests in 4 with one small help mark from bringing the two ducks to 3, when I did not notice that he was still standing with his hind legs in the water. These 3 got us into a shooting with a Labrador. I'd rather give it up, the work of Labradors and Golden is incomparable. But it still didn't work for me and we went to a shootout. To my great joy, our work was better and we took a wonderful 1st place on vodkas.

Unfortunately, Saturday's 17th place pushed us to 9th place overall in Derby. The weather was very warm again, far worse on Saturday than on Sunday. Thank you to the whole group for the friendly atmosphere and Ivana Kučerová for the photo.

22.7.2016/11/7 - The dog of my life left the rainbow bridge at the age of XNUMX years and XNUMX months

11.7.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX - Gucci will be a dad

18.6. Aime Fleur Ammy Lilly was mated by our Guccink for puppies. We can look forward to the end of August.

9.7.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX - LZ Švábenice

After a two-year hiatus, we are going to repeat the forest trials in Švábenice. It is very warm, but it is pleasant in the forest. Ares works very well. However, he can't catch on the paint, so we have one trumpet and a grade of 3. We get Res CACT. Nice work.

4.7.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX - we celebrate the first birthday "A"

On a warm summer night from 4 to 5 July 7, 2015 princess and 1 princes from the union of Áres and Finlandia Vectare Bohemia were born.

June 25-26.6.2016, 2016 - DERBY CR XNUMX

By participating in last year's North Moravian Derby, we were nominated for this prestigious competition, which took place in the picturesque South Bohemian countryside. 19 dogs entered. We finished in a beautiful 10th place. Immediately the first discipline - guiding on two ducks, the exchange threw us into the 2nd prize. The rest we went in peace even in very warm weather. Thank you to all my friends for the nice company.

18.6.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX - IDS Brno

this time we start with Áresek in three champions and after a long decision we get the mark V2 Res.CAC. In class. young showed Angel Lilly Baby Snowflake and got VD.

16.6.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX - Birthday

celebrated puppies from Mch Áres Flores Vitae x Jasmína z Dražovského hájku

14.6.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX - Birthday

today litter E from MCH celebrates its first birthday. Ares Flores Vitae "U" x Betty Citarwen. Lots of darlings, darlings.

11.6.2016 - meeting of litter "A" Angel Torra

Super meeting in kennel Angel Torra with puppies. Thank you Ivo for inviting us all and thank you all for coming. :)

4.-5.6.2016 - Club show RK Konopiště

After an agreement with Lucka, we start working class again. The company makes us not only Lucka with Doník, but also Libuška with Ruby and Naďa. On Saturday we get the mark V2 Res. CAC.

The next day we are the only judge to receive a VD mark for a partially convergent movement, somehow I did not understand.

Brave Lady Dorado Blanco "Lara" - Exc.1 CAC, open class (9 females)

20.-28.5. - Kyselka training camp

Once again, there is a spring training camp, which I have been looking forward to since last year. Guccinek no longer goes to training, but enjoys beautiful days in the camp with friends. This year, the men prepared the first camp show for us. It was a great event. You guys did it, I'm curious what next year will be.

13.5.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX - Birthday

Litter "M" Z Dražovského hájku is celebrating its 3rd birthday today. I wish everyone a lot of health (Mch. Áres Flores Vitae "U" x CH Hessy z Dražovského hájku)

8.5.2016 - Special show Humpolec

Again we show in working class, again Excellent without order.

Elis in cl. young I exhibit and we get a beautiful V4 placement.

7.5.2016 - Club show Humpolec

This year we are going alone with Aresk for the first time. It comes in the working class. We receive the mark Excellent without order.

Lucka with Doník and Liba with Rubinka are making us company again. Ares' daughter Elis Jenny Citarwen introduced herself in the junior class and they ran with the owner Excellent.

The award ceremony of the ANKA CUP took place in the afternoon

5.5.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX - Birthday

our first-born prince Kvído from Dražovský hájek celebrated his 5th birthday. Lots of greetings darling.

25.4.2016/2015/XNUMX - ANKA CUP XNUMX

CH CZ, SK, Vet. CH CZ Gucci from Dražovský hájk, 11,5 years

3st place show dog

Mch. Ares Flores Vitae "U"

working dog - 3rd place

show dog - 5th place

Dual Purpose - 1. place

The boys made me very happy. ♥

23.4.2016 - IDS Ceske Budejovice

I was looking forward to this show - especially to Lucka - to see you again. Ares was reported to the class. working. Judge Adlt examined him thoroughly. He liked it overall, only our beautiful stop was a little too much for him. Even so, we got Excellent 1 CAC. This fulfilled our mission. Lucka with Doník in cl. champions won V2 Res.CAC. It suited Doník very well. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos.

19.4.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX - Birthday

Today, litter "A" from Mch. Ares Flores Vitae "U" and Beau Prema Shanti Navaro - all the best of our sweethearts.

4.4.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX - We have puppies

At night puppies from Mch. Arres Flores Vitae "U" a Finlandia Vectare Bohemia. 5 girls and 2 boys were born. Unfortunately, one girl left. The others are lively and the mother takes good care of them.

March 27.3.2016, XNUMX - Regional dog show Vyškov

I participated in this show only as a spectator - I went to support my friends from kennel Z Dražovského hájku. The girls were clever. Hessy won in veterans, Jasmínka was 2nd in class. working and Lottynka (Jasmína x Áres) won the open class, became the regional winner and in the final competitions won a beautiful award BIS 3 FCI 8. Congratulations to all :)

26.3.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX - Birthday

Today, Ares celebrated his 7th birthday. I wish him a lot of greetings and a lot of beautiful moments together.

12.3.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX - Birthday

Today litter "A" from the connection Mch. Arres Flores Vitae "U" a Bianca de Salvia Apiana.

March 7.3.2016, XNUMX - Puppies are born

7.3.2016 The big day has come and Helence has puppies. The birth was not the easiest and there were complications. The birth was completed by caesarean section at the veterinary clinic. Nevertheless we have only 2 babies. Two boys. Helen's mother is doing well. The control turned out well and the puppies are doing well.

More information on the kennel website Herald's treasure.

7.2.2016 - IDS DUO CACIB Brno 6.-7.2.2016

Tentorkát I entered Ares in class. working. Guccinek has already stayed at home. Lucka Kondělková and Doník kept us company for both days. On Saturday we ran a nice review and evaluation V out of order. It should be noted that in class. all dogs were already working and we had 2 participants from Russia.

Doník is in cl. champions also ran a nice report and a grade of V without ranking.

In class. Áresek's daughter Angel Rubby Snowflake introduced herself to the puppy and took a beautiful 3rd place with the mark VN 3.

We improved on Sunday and Ares placed in a beautiful 4th place with a V4 mark again with a nice review.

In the same way, Doník took the V4 place in the champions. Rubby as a teenager won the same mark as on Saturday and VP 3. The girls liked it very much.

We took another photo and drove to our homes. Lucko thanks a lot for the nice company. Next time, Doník will definitely get along with Voxík.